Waterborne Interior Paint Stores in Burlington

Bronte Village Paint & Paper is a trusted paint store committed to providing superior products and outstanding service. We are a Benjamin Moore retailer, a brand that is known for its high-quality primers, paints, and stains. If you have re-imagined enhancing your property with unique paint colors, then Bronte Village Paint & Paper is your go-to paint store. Considered as one of the best waterborne interior paint stores in Burlington, we provide a wide array of premium paints and stains for your property. Our curated selection of unique paint colors provides you with a wide range of color choices, from which you can find the perfect color that complements the existing furnishings and accessories and help transform your home. Operating for over 15 years in the paint industry, we are proud to retail premium brand Benjamin Moore paints and counted among the leading waterborne interior paint stores in Burlington.

The use of waterborne paints is on the rise today because these coatings utilize water as a solvent to disperse the resin added in it making it an eco-friendly option and easy to apply. These paints comply with the US and European regulations that require paint products to have a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content as low as or less than 3.5 pounds per gallon of water. Since VOCs include a lot of chemicals, which can have adverse health effects, so less the content of these harmful elements in paints the better. Are you interested to apply waterborne coating in your home space? Then, contact Bronte Village Paint & Paper, the most trusted shop among all the waterborne interior paint stores in Burlington.

What makes a Waterborne Paint Different?

Benjamin Moore’s exclusive waterborne interior paint delivers outstanding performance for rich, brilliant, and everlasting color. Some of the salient features of waterborne paint are listed below that make it highly popular among property owners and interior designers alike.

  • Super-Premium Quality and High Hide

It has comparatively a thicker texture and high viscosity than other paints and provides extremely high hide for fewer coats.

  • Easy Application and Hassle-Free Touch Ups

Bronte Village Paint & Paper, counted among the leading waterborne interior paint stores in Burlington, supplies a waterborne colorant system with a thicker dry film than most other paints. So, this paint has excellent flow and leveling while being spatter-free. This allows this paint to glide on the walls easily, smoothing out brush strokes, seamless touch-ups with excellent results.

  • High Durability

With Benjamin Moore’s waterborne interior paint, you can be confident of finding any sheen in any color for a perfect match for your home interior space. Moreover, this paint provides high resistance to scratches, scuffs, water spots, streaking, and is also mildew resistant that keeps any surface looking great for years.

  • Zero VOC and Low Odor

The waterborne paint of Benjamin Moore meets stringent environmental standards. It is devoid of VOC and also dries quickly.

If you are thinking to apply environmentally friendly paint on your walls, contact our waterborne interior paint stores in Burlington. We are ready to serve you and answer all of your questions.